About Arthur

Sociology Scholar | Social Researcher | Preacher

Host: Why We Protest Podcast

Inquisitive & Assiduous

Arthur is Johnny, Betty, Tom, and Lucy’s grandson, all of whom passed before he was born. Born in Honolulu, Hawaii and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada, Arthur has traveled across the world throughout his life. Experiencing the world at such a young age, he developed a passionate enthusiasm for people. Now residing in Maryland, he graduated from Prince George’s Community College with an Associate of Arts degree in Business and Social Sciences in 2018. At PGCC, he was active in the Phi Theta Kappa International Honor Society and the Diverse Male Student Initiatives program. In December of 2020, Arthur graduated from Morgan State University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology and Anthropology. At the historic national treasure in Baltimore, Arthur was active in many organizations including Du Bois-Diggs Sociological Society (Sociology Club), Gilliam College of Liberal Arts Student Advisory Committee, and Maryland Student Legislature. He conducted sociological research with the Institute for Urban Research to assess attitudes of the community toward the Baltimore Police Department. He was also was also a Dr. Benjamin A. Quarles Undergraduate Scholar. His research interests are: The Black Church, Intersectionality, Public Policy, and Black History.

Seeing connections as his natural extension of his passion for people with a powerful mindset for uniqueness and creativity, Arthur has a driving desire in creating a business to provide a platform for networking opportunities and becoming a mogul for collectives and visionaries in the near future.

International protests following the murders of Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, and Ahmaud Arbery have dominated recent news coverage. However, the peaceful demonstrations’ character, purpose, and scale have been miscommunicated. Birthed out of his frustration, Arthur created the Why We Protest Podcast to have direct conversations with protestors from Las Vegas, NV to Washington, D.C. Thank you for listening!

What I Do

We study. I engage in deep theological interrogation of the Bible, and how the Bible has been used historically, with sociological analysis.

We learn, we teach. At the core of my belief sets a principle I can not live without. You’ve might have heard it with the phrases “Each one, teach one” or “Pay it forward.” Our work is in vain if we do not teach our children what we have learned. We must pass the torch of wisdom, knowledge, understanding, faith, peace, hope, and love so that the next generation produces further progress.

Write. I write to chronicle and reflect upon my experiences. I also use my writing to encourage others to become their best selves.

Business Professional. I fundamentally care for and seek the good in others. Many of times, I find myself exchanging information with people I won’t have guessed I would connect with. I am a “natural” when it comes to networking, listening, understanding, asking questions, and sharing ideas.

For Fun, Photography. Every time I go out to take photos, my objective is to capture an extraordinary moment in time. The reason for taking the photo may be based on an event, experience, and/or symbolism. Capturing these moments compels me.

When You See This Face

“My job is not to make you think what I think,

my job is just to make sure you’re thinking.”

— Rev. Dr. Howard-John Wesley