To Pimp a Butterfly’s Relevance in 2016

Nowadays, the mainstream music industry of hip-hop has unfortunately indulged itself in conventionalism, form eliciting various concepts around money to objectifying women sexually. Among all of that, Kendrick Lamar and his album To Pimp a Butterfly stand out the most.

The album focuses on the crux of Kendrick’s ever-changing mentality throughout his climb to the high pedestal within the hip-hop industry. Using the word “pimp,” Kendrick refers to how the music industry often treats him similarly to how a pimp might “pimp” one of his prostitutes. Through this, Kendrick is making a a statement that will stay true to his agenda for positive impacts

Kendrick Lamar Duckworth is a singer and songwriter of Compton, California. From writing stories, to poems, to lyrics, he became the spectator of his surroundings through the use of his pen. Kendrick began his music career by releasing a mixtape in 2003, at the age of 16. This lead Lamar to land a deal with the independent label Top Dawg Entertainment.

For us students who are in the ambiance of a corrupt and profane society (especially after this year’s election), the album brings a message that serves as a wake-up call for an intellectual revolution in our generation. It encourages us to develop a sense of self-awareness, understanding, unity, and most of all, love. Now is the time that we must use our education as a defense against the antagonism, racism, and subjection happening within our nation, and around the world. We must encourage urgency and willingness to be the change that we seek, while simultaneously changing our environment.


This article has been featured in the 11.21.16 issue of The Owl Newspaper.