Those that know, know.

those that know, know.

For those that don’t, there’s so much to say. In short…

Extravagant. Sacrificing. Illuminating. Fulsome. At her best, there are no words to fully describe her impact, importance, and intellectual planting in a multitude of folk’s lives far and wide. When I think of the grace and mercy God has bestowed on her, my heart smiles. My gut feels a soothing warmth. Her existence in this realm, during this time, as such an incredible influence in my life, is a testimony of the existence of God’s unwavering love. As I type these words as a twenty-three-year-old black man in this nation, I can not help but recall all of the arguments, cuss-outs, whoppings, silencing (“shut-up”s), punishments, mistakes, failures, disagreements, and toxic teachings she has permanently inscribed in my life. I wish I could just forget many of these experiences, but I now realize this is what makes her human. She isn’t perfect, neither am I. Yet, I am reminded of Hebrews chapter ten; a perfect conscious. However, she did the best she could to keep God first, explain the importance of education, provide and protect for her children, and connect family members with one another. She loved her children and sacrificed almost everything for them. What more could I conceivably ask for? What does this implicate, in my point of view, of a strong woman in this nation, a mother, and/or a woman of faith? I am watching her principles and ideals manoeuvre and articulate in my life. Frustrating and filling; inadequate and informative; egotistic and enlightening; are binary expressions of my feelings, thoughts, memories, interpretations, and understandings of my current perspective. With all of this, I cry. I cry like a lost and upset baby. Crying is okay and what I should/supposed/ought to do. My love for her can not be expressed in words. However, as a whole, her imprint comes down to two extraordinary lessons: believing in God above man, and investing in [formal] education. I love you more. Thank you.

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